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A challenging year
Spring is a time of new growth. We celebrate, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Father's Day, while preparing for the summer months to come. The Bethany House Program celebrates and honors mothers all year long... Continue


A Bethany House Face of Success
Bethany House laid the groundwork for my success, and I thank you for all your support in times of need... I feel that you helped me at such a pivotal point in my life, a fork in the road that has lead down a path to greatness. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love you... Continue


What is a Sponsor Family?
We'll let Connie tell you all about her experience: Years ago, at age 17, I was expecting my first child, Jonathan (Jon). Although I had more family support than Jules (the woman she sponsored, name changed for privacy), I understood what it was like to be unsure of the future, while conscientiously wanting to provide the best possible security for a baby... Continue


Courtney's Story
It was my senior year of high school when I became pregnant. Like most teenagers I was rebellious, angry and insecure. I was also in an extremely abusive relationship, and believed I deserved every derogatory and physical mistreatment I got. Drug charges soon put my then boyfriend in jail for a year and I was left to face one of the hardest decisions of my life.... Continue


Tis Not the Season for Bullying
The Holiday Season is traditionally a time of family, friends, love, joy, sharing and good tidings. Regardless of our spiritual beliefs, this time of year often brings out the very best in people as they seek ways to bless others. Sadly, for many reasons, it can bring out the worse in others... Continue


Tis Not the Season for Bullying
Thirty years ago Bethany House introduced us to a disheveled, pregnant, 17-year-old "throw away" child, Jo. Shortly after she finished her program with Bethany House and started college, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and we became one of Bethany House's first Sponsor Families... Continue


Beating the bullies
Kristy's daughter, Jaydalin is an 11 year old, born while her mom participated in our first service phase. She has been a recipient of bullying. Bethany House has come along side this girl and her family to find creative ways to beat the bullies in a healthy manner... Continue


Purpose, Process (Progress) and Payoff
These are words that describe Bethany House's message of hope turned into a mission of love for women and children who hunger for help.

Read more about Michelle's miraculous story, and the miracle of Luke.

  Would you like to add a splash of color onto the canvas of someone's life?
Well then, get your brushes ready to paint a life with love.
Sponsor families are needed to provide homes and family-like support to pregnant women and women with children. Learn More
  Nancy’s Bennett's Story
Once upon a time, about 23 years ago, I found myself in a rather desperate situation. Even at that moment, already His plan was in action to deliver me and put my feet on firm ground. CONTINUE
  Bethany House is about life, but sadly, part of life is ultimately death
Recently, Beth Rhinehart, attended the life celebration for Katy Roe, born while her mother, Keri Roe, resided at Bethany House, in 1994. Once a Bethany House 'girl' always a Bethany House 'girl'..." Continue
Bethany House - Away in a manger   Bethany House Believes - Away in a Manger
Every year we come face-to-face with another Christmas Season. And every year we must decide what to do about a story - a story of a baby in a manger – a baby that became the Savior of our world... CONTINUE

Together We Can!
Loneliness an emotion that so many women spend a lifetime avoiding. No one likes to feel lonely. So often the women who come to Bethany House are not only alone in the world.... CONTINUE


Sometimes Life Just Plain Hurts
Beautiful baby Maddison went to join Jesus, but not before touching many lives on this earth... CONTINUE

Grief Tips

The Oregonian
"Bethany House Turns Pregnant Girls into Mothers"
volunteer to help pregnant young women   Shared values lead to sharing the Bethany House vision
Walking through the rubble...and winning!
If you’ve been alive more than two decades, you’ve likely experienced more than your own fair share of life-rubble. The rubble in our lives can take on many “faces.” When we are buried beneath the wreckage of our pasts, it makes living in the present extremely difficult, and the thought of the future downright terrifying... CONTINUE
Forfeiting, or giving up something, at first seems unpleasant, even painful at times. In our world, we cling to our “stuff,” whatever those special “things” might be. Yet, in days past, people truly embraced the blessings of sacrifice, or giving gifts of eternal value... CONTINUE

How do you Measure Success?
We live in a world that is hungry for success. Measuring success in concrete terms, when it comes to people and their personal progress, isn't quite as easily defined. In fact, the compelling thing about success is it looks different for different people... CONTINUE

Kristy's story
Kristy's story is one of ultimate redemption, new life embrace, and ongoing success. We are so thankful for her desire to change, grow and put all she learned at Bethany House to good use for her and her family. Continue









Bethany House Partnerships Matter
Bethany House continues to build relationships and partnerships with other agencies, sponsor families, and individuals to help women and children succeed. "I found out I was pregnant. Immediately I knew that I wanted to come home to the states"... Continue


A challenging year
A number of the women and children we serve did not through the year unscathed. Along with COVID came an influx of women caught in domestic violence situations seeking services. Escape from Domestic Violence: One Woman's Story


Bethany House Girl Forever
I (Carrie Ann) am and always have been Bethany House girl. That definition has stuck with me as God's plans unfolded through the years. I was 19, rebellious, and expecting my daughter. Beth Rhinehart met with me, and she accepted me into the program, and then over the years into her heart... Continue


"Beth!!! I have been accepted into Utah Valley University Physician Assistant Program... This is it! A dream come true. Thank you for all your support in times of need (I'm not just talking about monetary needs, but also emotional, a true friendship.) I feel that you helped me at such a pivotal point in my life, a fork in the road that has lead down a path to greatness. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love you." Mrea


Not your typical story
Rachael attended this year's much anticipated picnic reunion with her husband and daughter. Her story isn't typical, not even close. She credits Bethany House with helping not only with her pregnancy but with the grief that followed. You see, Rachael's 'Bethany House baby' was born prematurely... Continue


  So very thankful
Jo-Jo, a past resident of the "big blue house" was the first woman also to utilize a sponsor family. Summer has recently graduated from college with a degree in Family Studies & Human Development/Education. She continues to spread God's love through her life, recently traveling to Africa on a mission trip... Continue
Bethany House Phase 2

The New Vision:
Be part of the future

Friends, we want to update you on some very important decisions. After a session with our visioning team, the input of the board and other associated ministries, we have concluded that it is time to take the next big step, Phase II. It has always been the heart of this ministry to make a deeper impact on these precious lives with an extended program... CONTINUE

  Celebrating how sponsor families help
Most of the young people that went to my school and lived in my neighborhood were statistics. If you weren’t the one out of four that were graduating, you were either going to end up dead, in jail, an addict, a struggling teen mom, or a drug dealer and/or gang member." CONTINUE

A marine to be proud of!
Who would have known that the first child born to Bethany House would be serving our country? In 1988 Bethany House had its first arrival, baby Lucas. Like many young women Lucas's mother Cathie found herself pregnant and wondering what to do...

  From the Director's Desk
Dear friends, there is never a dull moment at Bethany House. When Jack and I started welcoming young women into our home almost twenty years ago, we had no idea what God had in store for us.


Jewels Shining Brightly
"With Her Head Held High ...", "A Diamond in the Rough!", "From Tears to Joy" Jewels shine brightly every day at Bethany House. You help make these women sparkle!

Together We Can!
This program is much more than its staff, however critical these incredible people are. Without community involvement, this program would not have flourished for the past 16 years... CONTINUE
There's something about sunny summer days
Spring is a good time for cleaning our homes, but when it comes to cleaning up our hearts and minds, we are better off enlisting the support of others... CONTINUE
A Home for Logan
Lindsey gave birth to Logan on July 19, 2004 and in November she decided to give him a better chance at life through adoption. CONTINUE
  Watch them grow... and grow!
We talk a lot about babies and moms in our stories. However, Bethany House also shares about touching future generations. After fifteen years, we are beginning to see the trickle effect of what our services have done for others. CONTINUE
  Anorvia's happy ending
The future looks brighter than ever for this former Bethany House resident and mother of an adorable three-year-old girl! CONTINUE

For over 15 years, Bethany House has shined its beacon of light in an often dark and dreary world – a world that promotes and entices its youth to be sexual, yet cannot offer real solutions to the teen pregnancy epidemic. There is hope. And you can help! CONTINUE


For over 15 years, Bethany House has shined its beacon of light in an often dark and dreary world – a world that promotes and entices its youth to be sexual, yet cannot offer real solutions to the teen pregnancy epidemic. There is hope. And you can help! CONTINUE